Welcome to Fiction for the Fanciful Mind.

Why fiction for the fanciful mind? Because storytelling unleashes the power of the mind to imagine the impossible, yet probable. It explores the “what ifs” of life by unleashing fanciful musings of the imagination. While fiction is less than our present reality (to paraphrase Keats), stories we have read or heard often remain with us more vividly than our memories. Settings become foreign worlds we inhabit, characters become friends or enemies, and their actions inspire or convict us. Finally, stories make visible to us the deeper spiritual lessons of life that mere lecturing cannot. Consider Jesus who was the consummate storyteller.

So whether you are a writer or a reader, I invite you to explore with me the writer’s life and craft, books, fantasy (my kind of fiction), and how faith intersects with them. I hope you will check out my blog and join in the conversation.

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