Meet Brandan, the hero of my novel Sword of Deliverance

dreamstime_xs_54565077Brandan the Butcher, ruthless assassin for Lord Wulfgar. Yes, he is the hero of my fantasy novel Sword of Deliverance.

Disillusioned with his life as an assassin, Brandan deserts and helps Meredyth to keep her from falling into the hands of Wulfgar, who has singled her out to be his next wife. As they flee from Wulfgar and his men and contend with supernatural forces, she wrestles with forgiving Brandan for killing her fiancé, and he struggles with coming to terms with his violent deeds and accepting revelations about his identity and his past.

In spite his reputation as Wulfgar’s Butcher, Brandan is not a hardened rogue. Here are five aspects of his character I would like you to know about.

Skills and abilities.
Brandan’s specialty is sword fighting, and his weapon of choice is the long sword. He is adept at assessing an opponent’s weaknesses and agile and quick in the heat of a fight. He’s resourceful, able to hunt, fish, and forage and to navigate his way through the wilderness, skills Meredyth comes to appreciate. He is also an expert horseman, and his closest companion is Storm, a powerful gray courser he trained from a colt.


Personality. Get him away from a situation where he is required to kill and Brandan is personable and mellow. Many of the younger lads in Wulfgar’s army look up to him, not only because of his prowess, but also because he is willing to stand up for them in the face of bullying and harsh treatment from their captain. While Brandan is quiet and serious, he does have a wry sense of humor and a slow mischievous smile.

Principles he lives by. Being skeptical keeps you alive. Follow through on your word.

Appearance. When you first meet him, you would immediately notice his gray eyes. They can be soft as an early morning mist, as opaque as ice, or as hard as the steel of his sword. He wears his flaxen-colored hair short and prefers to keep his beard no longer than a stubble. He has a stubborn look about him, with a petulant mouth and determined set to his jaw. At age twenty, he’s taller than most men and well muscled from training to wield a sword.

Mystery. Another thing you might notice about him is a scar across his throat, as if someone had slit it. But he has no recollection of how he got the scar. In fact, he can’t remember his childhood or his parents. His memories only go back as far as the day he was conscripted into Wulfgar’s army at about age twelve. How did he get the scar? What did happen in his childhood that he can no longer remember?

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